I don’t see a menu of prompts on my Versa. What’s the problem? 

Do you have the Fitabase Engage app open on your watch?

If you have installed the Engage app but you're seeing your usual clock face, swipe left to open the app tray and continue swiping left until you get to the last screen. You should see the Fitabase Engage app icon: 

Tap the icon to open the Engage app.

Tip: App not there?

If you don't see the Engage app icon anywhere in the app tray then you may need to try installing again.

You should see the message "Please enter code to complete setup."

Open the Fitbit app on your phone and tap your profile photo.  Then tap Versa 3 or Sense > Apps > Engage > Settings. These steps are also outlined in the testing section of Fitabase Engage: 

In settings, tap Testing Code and enter the code that was displayed in the Engage Planner.

If you see the message "Authorization failed. Please check your code.":

Verify that the code you entered matches the code that is displayed in step 5 of the Test On My Device workflow in the Engage Planner. Keep in mind that these codes expire after 24 hours, so you may need to check the Engage Planner testing page again to make sure you are not using an expired code. If you have confirmed that the code you entered is correct, try closing and reopening the Engage app, then clearing the Testing Code field in the Engage app settings on your phone, tapping save, then re-entering the code and tapping save again.

If you see the message "Fetching your prompts...":

If this message is stuck on the screen there may be a problem with communication between the watch and your phone, or between your phone and our servers. Try restarting the watch, restarting your phone, and then toggling bluetooth off and back on on your phone. Then open the Engage app. If displayed, the "Fetching your prompts..." message should quickly be replaced by a menu of your prompts.

If you see a "My Prompts" heading but no prompts listed below it:

Open the Testing page in the Engage Planner.


On the right side of the page you can toggle up to 20 prompts to display on your Fitbit device. Make sure you have at least one prompt toggled on for testing on the device. Then open the Engage app settings on your phone and tap the Refresh button. All of the prompts that you have toggled on for testing on the device should now be displayed in the menu on your watch.

I was able to see prompts for a while but now I can’t. What should I do?

Try closing, then opening the Engage app on your watch. Then open the Engage app settings on your phone and tap the refresh button. If you still don't see any prompts in the Engage app on your watch there may be a communication problem between your Fitbit device and phone, or between your phone and our servers. The general troubleshooting steps listed at the bottom of this document can help in this case.

I want my whole team to be able to test the prompts. Can they do that? 

Yes! In step 3 of the Test On My Device workflow (accessed from the Testing page of the Engage planner), you can enter your email address to have the link to install the Engage app emailed to yourself. You can then forward this email to your team. Alternatively, you could copy the link shown on the same page and draft an email yourself to send to you colleagues. Be sure to include the test code found on step 5 of the workflow. Keep in mind that while the code can be used by multiple people, it is only good for 24 hours, at which point you can get a new code from the same screen in the Planner. We also advise that you send your team the instructions presented in the Test On My Device workflow.

I didn’t receive the email or text message with the link to test prompts.

Check that you entered the right email address. If this is correct, check your spam folder to see if the message got directed there instead of your main inbox. If the email or text message still hasn't shown up after several minutes, you can simply copy and use the link from the Engage testing popup or reach out to us at support@fitabase.com if that feels more comfortable. 

Don't see your situation listed here, or none of the above steps resolved your issue?

General troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure the your phone has an internet connection
  • Ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone
  • Make sure that your Fitbit is able to successfully sync data
  • Restart the watch
  • Restart your phone
  • Toggle bluetooth off and back on on your phone