All Fitbit devices must be associated with a Fitbit account in order for the device to sync and transfer data to Fitabase for access within your project. This article outlines the process for setting up Fitbit account and important information on how account information can affect Fitbit data

Creating a Fitbit Account:

Each Fitbit account requires a unique email address and password. You can create a Fitbit account by visiting:

After creating a Fitbit account you will be asked to verify the associated email address. If you do not receive a verification email check your spam folder in the associated email account. The verification email typically has a subject of Finish setting up your Fitbit account! and is from


It is not necessary to have Fitbit devices prior to account creation. You can set up accounts before connecting devices to the account.

During account creation you will be asked to enter demographic details including height, weight, date of birth, and gender. You will also be asked to enter a name for the account. You can enter in dummy/fake data and update this information when your are ready to distribute devices to your participants.

Important: Fitbit account demographic data is used in multiple Fitbit algorithms. In order to generate accurate data we highly recommend updating the account information (height, weight, date of birth, and gender) with accurate measurements. Demographic data will affect the following data end points:

  • Calories (Estimated Energy Expenditure)
  • Distance
  • Heart Rate Zones


If you update account demographic data after you being data collection the above data points will not take into account the updated information until the next device sync.

Creating Fitbit Accounts: Fitbit Mobile App

Fitbit accounts can also be created through the Fitbit Connect application for Mac and Windows PCs and in the Fitbit mobile applications. For detailed information on setting up Fitbit accounts using these software options please visit this Fitbit help page:

Setting up Multiple Fitbit Accounts

If you would like to streamline the process of setting up multiple Fitbit accounts without having to create a large number of email addresses you can use the following method.

  1. Create a study gmail account:
  2. For each Fitbit account append a “+Participant Identifier” to the study gmail address
    • Gmail allows you to append "+" and additional characters to an email, which looks like a unique address when using that email to create a profile.
  3. All Fitbit accounts will be connected to the main study gmail account (inbox).


  • Study gmail account:
  • Fitbit accounts:;, etc.


This method has been tested with Gmail email accounts. If you are using an alternative email provider please test this implementation prior to Fitbit account creation.

Connecting Fitbit Devices to Fitbit Accounts

When you create a Fitbit account via Fitbit Connect or through the Fitbit mobile apps you will have the option to set up a device as well.

If you have already set up your Fitbit accounts and would like to connect the Fitbit device to the Fitbit account at a later time (e.g. during a participant orientation visit) you can do so through the mobile application or Fitbit Connect software.

Device Connection: Fitbit Connect

  1. Click “Main Menu” in the Fitbit Connect options menu
  2. Choose “Set up a New Fitbit Device”
  3. Choose “Existing User”
  4. Enter in the Fitbit account information (email/password) you want to associate with the device.
  5. Follow the instructions to select the device type and sync it with the Fitbit account.

Device Connection: Fitbit Mobile App

  1. Check to see if the mobile device you (or your participant) is using supports the Fitbit App here:
  2. Download the mobile application from the appropriate app store:
  3. Open the application and login with the Fitbit account information (email/password) you've created. 
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect a new device to the account and pair with the mobile device.


Once you’ve connected a device to a Fitbit account we recommend syncing the device and checking your Fitabase project to make sure your project is receiving data.