Researchers at Arizona State University use Fitbits and Fitabase to explore novel Just In Time Adaptive Intervention techniques.


Dr. Eric Hekler has been developing exciting new intervention strategies that take advantage of the new advances in wearable activity trackers and access to remote data collection with the goal of creating interventions that are highly personalized and adapt rapidly to a person's ever evolving needs. Dr. Hekler and his colleagues at Arizona State University are pioneering Agile Science principles and have used Fitabase and Fitbit devices to rapidly prototype, test, and evaluate personalized interventions that seek to impact the health behaviors of overweight and inactive adults.

Fitabase provided the participant monitoring features we needed in order to achieve sustained engagement across our study.
- Eric Hekler, PhD

This work, based on control systems engineering principles, depends on resilient methods to gather continuous data about important outcomes. Wearables, like Fitbit devices, are a great way to gather data that is also easy to use and engaging for participants.

Dr. Hekler’s research involving wearable devices has been published in numerous health research journals and presented at many multi-disciplinary conferences.2,3