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New, new, new ✨
We’ve been hard at work on new tools and new data sets. Here’s what you’ll find in the platform once you sign up for a trial or get your project going: 

  • New data points
    • For Fitbit: ECG, Cardio Score 
    • For Garmin: HRV
  • New messaging & compliance tools 
    • General reminders: We heard you asking for a way to send a basic, non-sync reminder message to participants via SMS. You can now select from "general reminder" or "sync reminders" in the message creation tooling on the platform. 
    • SMS message status monitoring: We've added an SMS message log page, so you can keep track of whether your participants are actually receiving the messages you're trying to send them. We show you sent and received times, as well as possible reasons the participant isn't receiving texts. 
  • New project management tools 
    • Email notifications for the study team: You can now opt into messages that alert you to participants who have unsubscribed from SMS messages. Anyone on your team can receive these via email. 

We love answering questions and chatting with you directly, but if a demo doesn't fit into your schedule, no worries! Send us a note to get set up with a free two-week trial to check out everything above, and more. Just drop a message about wanting to test out Fitabase in the "Tell us more about your project" field on this page and we'll get you set up. 

We're going mobile 📱

...and we need your feedback! To sign up for a walk-through of what we're building and give us real-time feedback, you can fill out this form.

We've spent the last few years developing Fitabase Engage, a set of tools for creating and managing on-wrist messaging and surveys to participants. We're making a move toward mobile surveys and messages, which means we're rolling out a mobile app, new message creation tools, and exports to go with it all. We want it to serve you as well as on-wrist messaging has, and the best way to do that is to chat directly with you!

How Are We Doing? 🗣️
We'd love to hear about your experience with Fitabase, no matter where you are in your journey with us. Whether you're just curious about what we do, or you've recently finished up a study, please share your thoughts -- both positive and negative -- with Hailey, our Head of Product, by emailing