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We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes here at Fitabase to make our platform more efficient and set us up to unveil some new, major additions in the coming months. 

If you’ve noticed recently that the platform feels a bit zippier, you’re not imagining it. That’s just one benefit to our big move from the .NET Framework to .NET Core 3.1. We originally built Fitabase on the .NET framework nearly seven years ago, and it’s served us well, but the move to Core was one we’d wanted to make for a while. Here’s why:

  • Core is faster and more secure. We care a lot about security here at Fitabase, especially given the type of work our customers do. Any move toward more security is a big win for us and you.
  • It enables us to adopt the latest and greatest technologies like Blazor and serverless computing more easily and on a broader scale. This means we can do more innovative custom work and ship it to you faster.
  • It's the future of .NET and will receive fixes and new capabilities first. New and better stuff, sooner. Are you sensing a theme here? 

The work required to make this change was substantial. Essentially, if the Fitabase platform were a house, our developers were building movers. They assessed how best to get the house from its original, could-be-better location to the new one, lifted it, moved it down the road and settled it safely on a brand new foundation. We couldn’t be prouder of our team and the work they did to make this happen. 

“This was a challenging and rewarding process,” said developer Brittany Schenk. “I'm eager to begin building from this more modern framework with access to new tools and technologies.”

With this work now wrapped, we can move onto some new and exciting projects that we’ve been discussing and designing with the help of some of our research colleagues. That’s good news for you, our customers, but also for our developers. 

Tim Sutor, another developer on our team, said “out with the old, in with the new! I'm excited to embrace .NET Core and build richer, more responsive, faster Fitabase features.”

We’ll be offering a sneak peek of one of these major projects at our virtual conference booth, kicking off April 15. You can find more details on our blog! For any other questions about our new framework, an existing project, or how we can help support your research, feel free to reach out to us at