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We're thrilled to announce a new premium feature in Fitabase: SMS sync reminders!

We've heard customers ask us for ways to ensure that they get as much high-resolution data from their participants as possible and reminding them via text message to sync on a regular basis is the best way to make that happen. 

Our new sync reminder tool allows you to: 

  • Customize text message wording: You can go as basic or as in-depth as you want with our tooling. A simple "Don't forget to open your Fitbit app and sync your device" works, but if you want to get fancy with emojis, for example, we're not going to stop you! 
  • Set days and times for delivery: You can send sync reminders on the same day at the same time to everyone, or send reminders just to participants who haven't synced in a certain number of days. We made this flexible to fit most scenarios.
  • Send messages to all or just some participants: Want just one group to get reminders to sync? Easy. Want to send them to all your participants? Done. It's up to you who these messages go to. 

Sync reminders can be added to any project that uses Fitbit devices as an additional premium service. If you're interested in exploring how this tool can work for your study, email us at  for more information or a quote.

We can't wait to hear from you!