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We’re excited to announce a new feature available to all current and future Fitabase projects: Multiple Timeframes.

We know that many research designs call for collecting data for only certain periods of time. Sometimes you may want to have participants wear their device for six month, but only collect the first, third, and last month of data. Or maybe you want to collect Food Logs for only the first two weeks of an 8-week trial. Starting today, you can now set those date ranges for each participant in your study. 

Currently, timeframe creation is available for three data type groups: Activity/Sleep, Weight, and Food Logs. By default, all data collection timeframes created for Activity/Sleep data will be automatically applied to Weight and Food Log data collection. However, you can easily set different date ranges for each of the three data type groups. 

Setting the date ranges for each timeframe you are collecting data is easy! You'll notice the option is available when you connect new devices to your Fitabase project. If you're already collecting data, or need to edit your timeframe settings, you can easily do they by editing the participant profile for participants already connected to your project. 

We're excited to be releasing this feature, and we invite you to get in touch if you have any questions.