Once you've received your invitation code and account creation link from Fitabase you'll be able to create your Fitabase project. 


Create your Fitabase account by creating a username, entering the email address you want to associate with your Fitabase account, creating a password, and entering in the provided invitation code. 

You must also read and agree to the Fitabase "Terms of Use" and Privacy Policy.



Once you create your account you will be signed in and taken to your Fitabase dashboard. The dashboard will house all your currently running Fitabase projects. 

To create your first project click Create your first project



The project creation page will prompt you to enter a project name and choose an identification option.  



We highly encourage our customers to use the de-identified method when possible. This preserves participant privacy as no personal information is shared with Fitabase.


Congratulations! You've just created your Fitabase project. You're now ready to start connecting participant devices and collecting data.